Readymade Homemade Food That Tastes So Good!

Homemade food is the best delicacy for everyday corporate luncheons and royal corporate dinners


Our work schedules are showing their tolls on our food habits and choices. Exotics cuisines and delicacies are fine for special occasions. However, the best food to satiate our appetite is still the traditional “ghar ka khana” or the “homemade food”, “Corporate Dhaba” is one such initiative that is aimed on people who are seeking tasty and delightful “homemade” food in the vicinities of their offices amidst their hectic schedules.


Corporate Dhaba – Readymade Homemade Food Delivered to Your Desk!

“Corporate Dhaba” has come up with the noble idea of packing this punch of “home cooked food” in to Tiffin & packaging that suits the corporate lunchrooms. It is an affordable, tasty, and nutritious option that will keep you rooted with your health concerns because of “home like preparation methods”. Time has come when you can free yourself from the “Menu files” cluttered in the kitchen shelf of your office. Most of the restaurants and other eating joints prepare some routine foods where they mix & match the basic ingredients to create a variety of stuff. However, for “Corporate Dhaba,” each day and each dish is special. Our expert chefs understands the power of seasonality in food habits and they are consistent in delivering varied taste to break the monotony of regular and repetitive dishes that you receive from regular joints.  Corporate Dhaba brings to you sumptuous yet nutritious meals prepared by very talented chefs from the freshest seasonal ingredients and delivered to your workplace with unswerving promptness. And the best bit is affordable prices.


It can be the next welcome  lunch break for you when you will open this mouthwatering feast full of aroma and taste in your office and when you will close your eyes then it will feel as if you are having it on the dining table of your house.